Distressed Seller

My husband and I both lost our jobs in 2013. It was difficult to keep up with our mortgage payment, auto loans, etc. We reached out to the bank and they “approved” us for a temporary modification (forbearance agreement). The modification was for three months. After the three month modification  they would consider us for a permanent mod. They did not approve us for a PERMANENT modification. Instead, they extended the temp. mod. For 12 months. At first we thought it was good news. However, with a temporary modification we would owe $11k+ by the end of the 12 months.

I received a letter from Francesca offering her service and experience. I called her to explore my options. She was very patient with me. We were on the phone for an hour. During our conversation she introduced different options considering the equity we had in our home. She offered to meet with us for a consultation free of charge. I explained we were attached to our home and she respected our decision to try and save the house.

Francesca did research on our modification and called me a week later with exciting information. She explained how the bank had nothing to loose by offering a temp. 12 month modification. Waiting on a PERMANENT modification was a gamble. The only guarantee was our home equity and the temp. mod. was eating from it. My husband and I did not realize how much equity we had on the property. We met with Francesca and decided to sell our home. Our plan was to start all over with the equity from our home.

Our home was put on the market the following weekend. A week later we accepted an offer. 30 days later we received our check. We received $20k more than expected. It was a wonderful experience. My husband and I are expecting our first baby in one month. We are thrilled to be settled in to a luxurious apartment, new SUV, new furniture etc. We are prepared to give her the best life possible. Our plan is to buy our second home in the near future. We recommend Francesca Levy and her team. They are professional, friendly, and waste no time!

Francesca, thank you for taking your time to research our situation. Your follow up call changed our lives in the best way possible.